Expanding Our Global Imagination
in the Time of Climate Change





BLUEPRINT unites artful cinematography and inspiring interviews all while approaching cultural and climate change through a lens of spiritual connection. We believe in order to survive what scientists are calling the sixth great extinction, we must enter a deep transformation on our planet. Together we will navigate how these crises can act as spiritual awakenings for each of us in our own lives. We draw upon new science emerging in neurocardiology and quantum physics that mirrors the ancient Indigenous wisdom & technologies across the world. The stories we have gathered help audiences connect with their own inherent relationship to the earth and each other. Our goal is to bring you outside of the box thinking and tools to develop our new human story.

We hope you will join us on the adventure of OUR lifetime.


Jasmine Balgobin is a photographer, artist and seeker of environmental justice. She has worked on public art projects for social change as a muralist and community educator and founded The Good Vessel Co, to reduce plastic in our oceans. Her photography work domestically & abroad brought her closer to issues of environmental racism and sexual exploitation. BLUEPRINT film series is the culmination of years of research, inquiry and observation of the cultural stories we hold. Jasmine is most inspired by exploring narratives of transformation during this extreme ecological time for our planet. For her, this is a time of hope, not fear. This is why she created BLUEPRINT. To help expand our global imagination for what is possible.



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